Late for an Important Date

Something you must know about me:  I am habitually late for just about everything.  And if I’m not late, it’s most likely because I’ve rushed to get ready as quickly as possible, turning my apartment into one incredibly messy closet in the process.  I openly admit — much to my friends’ dismay — that my punctual inabilities have led me to run out the door with wet hair and a belt or other accessory in hand.

Charlotte Olympia Fashionably Late Flats

Now, since fashion and haste don’t necessarily make the best combination, I’ve been told countless times to plan my outfits beforehand or shower and start my hair the night before.  Quite frankly, these tactics (though great for some) just do not work well for me. So I’ve compiled my top five practical tips for getting ready in a hurry.   

1.  Stock your closet with basics.  Neutral and versatile pieces truly make your style-in-a-flash world go ’round since they provide a base from which to start and can be styled relatively quickly. Don’t overlook a pair of classic dark-wash jeans or a flattering tank that looks great under a blazer.  Other functional wardrobe essentials include simple crew or v-neck tees, structured button-downs, and fresh knit dresses.

2.  Simplicity is key.  Remember, you don’t have time to be too inventive, so there’s nothing easier than slipping on a dress.  No need to hunt for complementary tops and bottoms or struggle because one half of your outfit is at the bottom of the hamper.  Not to mention that a simple sheath leaves you plenty of room to accessorize.

3.  Prioritize your extras.  You may realize that you can skip the bracelet that takes entirely way to long to strap on or the lace-up booties that were really designed to be put on by four hands.  Instead,
stick with a statement necklace or pair of earrings that will add interest to your outfit but not require too much fidgeting to get just right.  I also recommend picking flats and saving heels for your bag (or skipping them altogether) to allow for an easier dash out the door.

4.  Have a back-up plan (even if you don’t know it).  Sometimes the outfit you just bought turns out to be nothing  more than a fashion flop even though you’ve been dying to wear something new.  In this case, there may be no better solution than to give up entirely and substitute a previously-previewed ensemble.  Better to go with something tried and true than be uncomfortable and second-guessing your choice all day/night.

5.  Don’t skip the good for the perfect.  Don’t miss out on a good outfit just because you are trying to achieve perfection.  The skirt and top you threw on first and modeled in front of the mirror may actually be your best selection.  It was only after you began over-analyzing the shape, color, fit, texture, etc. that things got confusing.  Save your musings for when you have a bit more time and own your perfectly good ensemble.

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Lauren, the blogger behind The Glamour Less, is a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast. She started The Glamour Less with the idea of overcoming the need for 'the perfect outfit,' and instead, finding classic and unique pieces that complement and accentuate each other.