When Allergies Attack

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Spring in DC is in full swing, which means only one thing – my allergies are raging to the point that I should probably buy stock in the allergy pill industry.  Any sort of allergy flare up, whether it is in the form of red itchy eyes, puffy skin, runny nose, or a pimple outbreak (yes, allergies can trigger a breakout), makes getting ready for the day that much harder.  To help guide your style through an allergy-ridden day, I’ve compiled five tips  that use fashion to guard against allergies and manage an attack when one creeps up.

  1. Cover up those peepers.  The bigger, the better when it comes to sunglasses during allergy season.  My experience serves that big sunglasses are better at blocking pollen from charging at my eyes, especially on windy days.  LOFT has several affordable and striking pairs, like these cateyes or these aviators.
  2. Pull emphasis away from your face.  Now is not the time to try out a new make-up product, elaborate hairstyle, or anything else that will focus all the attention on your allergy-ridden visage. Instead, trade statement earrings for a statement necklace or set of bracelets.  Pair a neutral top with brightly colored or printed pants like these or these.
  3. Go light on the mascara.  I know this seems like a beauty sin, but even the eye-friendliest of mascaras add extra irritants to my eyes during the worst of allergy season.  Go light on the mascara or, gasp, skip it altogether.  To give your face that sense of ‘awake,’ try using a cold compress on your eyes to reduce symptoms followed by a highlighter and a pinky blush.  I’m a huge fan of Sephora’s rose blush and Maybelline’s liquid highlighter.
  4. Stay comfortable chic.  In the midst of an allergy attack, the last thing you want to worry about is coordinating a complicated ensemble.  Save your energy and opt for a simple outfit, like a spring-worthy fit and flare or a chambray shirt dress.  I also recommend choosing dresses or skirts with pockets so you can hide a couple extra tissues for the moments when you need them the most.
  5. Don a hat.  Now, just because I don’t have a head for hats doesn’t mean that I won’t support wearing one to help fight allergies.  Adding a hat to your outdoor ensemble can shield pollen from landing on your head and getting caught in your hair, especially if you have any sort of product in your hair to which pollen may seek to stick.

Bonus Tip!  Drink more water.  Drinking plenty of water helps flush your system of irritants and hydrate your eyes, skin, etc.  I like to throw a few lemon wedges in my water bottle for an extra flavor (and energy!) boost throughout the day.

P.S.  Happy birthday, mom!

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Lauren, the blogger behind The Glamour Less, is a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast. She started The Glamour Less with the idea of overcoming the need for 'the perfect outfit,' and instead, finding classic and unique pieces that complement and accentuate each other.

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  1. Thanks, Laur! I really enjoy your blogs — especially “Feeling Flat” since, as a relatively short person, I tend to stay away from flats. After reading your blog I’ll shop for them in a different way — looking for not only comfortable, but fashionable flats as well. Thanks for the tips.

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