Trend Trials – Out with the Old

In a slightly different take on Trend Trials this month, I’m bringing you a list of trends that I wish would disappear just as fast as they came to be.  Though I haven’t tried out each and every one, my spidey sense tells me that these trends are often unflattering, unappealing, and unworthy of our valuable fashion time.

1.  Crop Tops.  I may be in the minority when I say that I.hate.crop.tops.  These barely-there half-shirts/stomach exposés simply don’t translate well from celebrity and blogger style to fashion for the average woman.  Granted, I loved Emma Stone’s Met Gala cropped number, but there is absolutely no way I or any of my fellow working women could or should attempt to sport the crop top in everyday life.  (I won’t even get in to how unacceptable crop tops are in an office environment, even with high-waisted skirts.)  In my humble opinion, let’s stop trying to make ‘crop’ happen. Continue Reading

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