Late for an Important Date

Something you must know about me:  I am habitually late for just about everything.  And if I’m not late, it’s most likely because I’ve rushed to get ready as quickly as possible, turning my apartment into one incredibly messy closet in the process.  I openly admit — much to my friends’ dismay — that my punctual inabilities have led me to run out the door with wet hair and a belt or other accessory in hand.

Charlotte Olympia Fashionably Late Flats

Now, since fashion and haste don’t necessarily make the best combination, I’ve been told countless times to plan my outfits beforehand or shower and start my hair the night before.  Quite frankly, these tactics (though great for some) just do not work well for me. So I’ve compiled my top five practical tips for getting ready in a hurry.   

1.  Stock your closet with basics.  Neutral and versatile pieces truly make your style-in-a-flash world go ’round since they provide a base from which to start and can be styled relatively quickly. Don’t overlook a pair of classic dark-wash jeans or a flattering tank that looks great under a blazer.  Other functional wardrobe essentials include simple crew Continue Reading

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