Shoe Solutions

Let’s set the scene:  You live in an area where you must walk at least part of the way to work.  It’s hot; it’s sticky, and you just want your feet to breathe before being cooped up in an office all day — or — you’re racing to make it into work on-time, which has incidentally transformed you into a champion power walker.  In either case, comfort during your commute is your top priority.  So what do you do?  You strap on flip flops or sneakers and set off on your merry way.


I’ve seen everyone from interns to management commit this business-attire indiscretion (and may or may not have comitted it once or twice myself).  But there is hope.  Just nix the flip flops and sneakers and embrace these shoe solutions:

1.  D’Orsay.  I’m a known supporter of the d’Orsay flat (see April’s post, Feeling Flat).  D’Orsays are a solid wear-to-work option with their sleek silhouette that still allows for a fair amount of air flow.  Look for d’Orsays that provide full coverage in the toe region to limit irritation or discomfort brought on by long-distance walking.  I’m loving this cap-toe pair by Chinese Laundry and these Ivanka Trump beauts. Continue Reading

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